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About Us

Manage, organise & curate your NFT Collection

We believe this is only the beginning of the NFT movement, and NFTs will play an instrumental role in shaping how digital art and collectibles will be created, shared and consumed in future.

NFTs have the potential to change the livelihood of many artists while introducing crypto to be accepted by the mainstream, and we aim to be the platform to bring about this normalisation.

On Galleseum, you are free to exercise your creative expression in:

  • Organising and arranging your created and owned NFTs
  • Creating unlimited collections of your favourite NFTs
  • Supporting emerging artists and fellow enthusiasts
  • Discovering the latest trends in the NFT and digital space
  • Creating groups around your favourite artists and collections (coming soon)

As a new website currently in beta, we welcome any feedback and collaboration that can help improve our site and services to our community - just drop us a message or tweet!

Who's behind Galleseum

Galleseum is designed and built by @timongty, an indie maker with a passion for crafting amazing websites.

Stay informed of any future updates by following @TheGalleseum on Twitter!