Dashboard Overview

A quick rundown of your user dashboard in Galleseum

What is your Dashboard?

The dashboard is your central management area providing you with an overview of your account and NFTs.

This is where you will see the latest notifications, wallets you have connected, and quick access to other main areas of your account such as the settings page to edit your profile.

You will also be able to easily manage and organise your NFTs into various collections and galleries, or hide them from showing up in your profile. 

Main areas of the Dashboard

  • Dashboard Overview
    See the overall stats in your account in one glance, with quick access to other main areas of your account.
  • Notifications
    See your latest notifications including who has followed you, added your NFT to their collection, or left a comment on one of the NFTs you've created or owned.
  • Wallets
    Manage the wallets in your account, or connect another wallet to add more NFTs to your profile.
  • Manage NFTs
    Manage the NFTs you own and have created. You can toggle their visibility in your profile as well as organise them into various collctions and galleries.
  • Collections
    Manage and organise your collections and their respective NFTs. 
  • Galleries
    Manage and organise your galleries and their respective NFTs.
  • Connect Wallet
    Manage the wallets you've connected to your account, or connect a new wallet to your account.
  • Settings
    Change your profile settings such as your username and description.