Gallery Overview

A quick rundown of galleries on Galleseum

What is a Gallery?

A gallery is a semi-private collection of NFTs with greater flexibility and customisability than a collection.

You can customise your gallery layout in a horizontal or vertical format, and choose to display your NFTs in various grid formats from masonry to square grids.

Galleries are also collaborative in nature and you can invite others to curate together to create a shared and more amazing NFT gallery.

Gallery with a horizontal layout and grid display
Gallery with a vertical layout and masonry display

How do I add NFTs to my Gallery?

There are two main ways where you can add NFTs to your gallery.

The first way would be in the "Manage NFTs" section in your dashboard where you can quickly search and filter for a NFT, and then add it to your gallery by selecting the "Add to Gallery" dropdown.

This way is best if you simply want to add several NFTs to your gallery, perhaps if they are new additions to your collection. For mass adding of NFTs to your gallery, see the second way below.

Look for your NFT and select the "Add to Gallery" dropdown to quickly add it to your gallery

The second way would be to head over to a gallery's NFT management area where you can quickly add NFTs you own or create with one click. Note: this requires you to create the gallery first. 

This way is best if you are starting a new gallery and want to add many NFTs to it as quickly as possible.

Head over to the Gallery's "Manage NFTs" area by clicking on the gallery name or the image icon on the right

After heading over to the gallery's "Manage NFTs" area, click on either the "Owned" or "Created" tab at the top right area and you will be directed to a page with your respective NFTs.

Click on the "Add to Gallery" or "Remove from Gallery" buttons at the right side of each NFT to quickly add or remove them from your gallery.

Click on the "Add to Gallery" or "Remove from Gallery" buttons


What display options are there for my gallery?

You can set the name, description, and website url among other display options in the gallery settings area.

First, head over to the "Edit Settings" area of your gallery by clicking on the pencil icon on the right. 

Head over to the Gallery's "Edit Settings" area by clicking on the pencil icon on the right

After that, you will be directed to the gallery settings page seen below:

Edit your gallery settings and display options here

You can also choose whether you want to show social media share buttons or your gallery curators.

List of Display Options 

  • Layout
  • Artwork Style
    Square Grid
    Circle Grid
  • Items Per Row
    3 items
    4 items
    5 items
    6 items
  • Text Align


How do I add other people to my gallery?

In the "Edit Settings" area of your gallery, you will see a "Gallery Curators" section which will show the users who have access to your gallery, their corresponding role, and the status of your invite.

Click on the "Invite" button to add other users to your gallery

After clicking on the "Invite" button, there will be a popup where you need to enter the username of the person you wish to invite, and select his or her role in the gallery.

There are two roles to choose from - Admin, and Editor. 

The Admin role will give the user full access to the gallery to manage NFTs and edit its settings, while the Editor role will give the user access only to manage NFTs.

Invite a user to curate together by entering his/her username here and selecting a role

After sending the invite, the user will see this gallery in the "Galleries" section under his/her dashboard, and he/she can then choose to either accept or reject the invitation to be a curator of the gallery.